“It Is My Pleasure to Enclose Herewith …”

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

You shall read that phrase — “It is my pleasure to enclose herewith…” — many times as you experience The Master Key System. Not only is it Mr. Haanel’s pleasure to enclose each week for you to study and learn and succeed, but it is also my pleasure to make this book available to you online.

Mr. Haanel’s influence on the science of mindset is little known, but by doing a semi-careful reading of many of the works in the genre, you will see that the influence is obvious. I was reading Claude M. Bristol’s The Magic of Believing, which is one of my favorite books, when I really noticed this influence. In Bristol’s book are many passages that are practically verbatim passages from The Master Key System. The same is true for other works by such greats as Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Norman Vincent Peale. This is not to discredit any of these great writers and thinkers, but rather to illustrate the wide-ranging influence Charles F. Haanel had on this most important science, the science of mindset and thought.

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel is about success and the way to attain it. By success, Mr. Haanel means whatever you want and desire for yourself and your life. Whether that means losing a few pounds in weight or starting a multimillion dollar enterprise, it does not matter. The definition of success is a personal one, but The Master Key System shows you  how to get there in a scientific fashion.

The Master Key System is much more than a book about how to be a good employee or producer. It also holds more promise than merely doing well financially. The Master Key System opens the doors to total success — body, mind, and soul. The Master Key System concentrates on making one great. Mr. Haanel’s ideas and observations are the same which guided Van Gogh, Carnegie, Gates, and Buffet.

By reading and studying  The Master Key System, you will:

  • Learn the secrets that will allow you to completely eliminate fear and worry from your life.
  • Develop self-confidence, power, and the knowledge of “right action.”
  • Unlock your hidden potential.
  • Attract the kind of people and events into your life that will help you attain your dreams and goals.
  • Learn how to think constructively.
  • Peer into the minds of the greatest geniuses, financiers, and businessmen of all time and learn how they think.
  • “Magnetize” yourself to good health, abundance, and your ideal environment.
  • Learn how to tackle the problems that creep into your life and eventually learn how to banish those problems all together.
  • Develop the “millionaire mindset” that will help you earn and accumulate more money.

As you read and study this magnificent work, I urge you to write notes, practice the exercises given at the end of each chapter, and have faith that the system will work for you. Do not make the mistake of skimming the book for a few minutes and expecting miracles to happen. For that matter, do not expect to read the book and expect miracles to occur overnight! Only by diligent and persistent effort and study will you achieve your mark of success. After reading the book once, you will probably start to see small, but noticeable, changes occurring in your life. After further study and practice, your goals and dreams will appear more real to you than ever before. With a little more study after that, your goal will have been attained!

You will find all that you need to succeed in the pages of this book. Of that I am confident. Once you start to put into practice what you learned, you will find that you are unstoppable and all that you have ever dreamed about will become a definite possibility. Believe me when I say that this will be the most important book you will ever read. It will also be the most referred to book in your library. That is how significant it is.

So, without further ado, it is my privilege to enclose herewith …

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.

Anthony Raymond

Anthony Raymond Michalski
Publisher & Editor
Kallisti Publishing Inc.

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  1. nothing more important to study, and am amazed this isn’t mandatory grammar school or at least high school curriculum

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